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Memory engram

memory engram n.
An engram.


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  • Memory farts

    jargon, humour The flatulent sounds that some MS-DOS box BIOSes (most notably AMI’s) make when checking memory at boot time. [Jargon File] (1994-11-02)

  • Memory hole

    noun a piece of one’s memory that seems to be missing; also, a place where lost memories seem to go Word Origin modeled upon black hole

  • Memory-lane

    noun 1. the memory of one’s past life likened to a road down which one may travel: The class reunion was a trip down memory lane.

  • Memory leak

    programming A leak in a program’s dynamic store allocation logic that causes it to fail to reclaim memory in the heap after it has finished using it, eventually causing the program to fail due to lack of memory. These problems were severe on older machines with small, fixed-size address spaces, and special “leak detection” tools […]

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