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noun, Astronomy.
the angle, measured eastward or westward through 180°, between the celestial meridian of an observer and the hour circle of a celestial body.


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  • Meridian-circle

    noun, Astronomy. 1. a transit instrument provided with a graduated vertical scale, used to measure the declinations of heavenly bodies and to determine the time of meridian transits. noun 1. an instrument used in astronomy for determining the declination and right ascension of stars. It consists of a telescope attached to a graduated circle

  • Meridienne

    [muh-rid-ee-en, muh-rid-ee-en; French mey-ree-dyen] /məˌrɪd iˈɛn, məˈrɪd iˌɛn; French meɪ riˈdyɛn/ noun, plural méridiennes [muh-rid-ee-enz, muh-rid-ee-enz; French mey-ree-dyen] /məˌrɪd iˈɛnz, məˈrɪd iˌɛnz; French meɪ riˈdyɛn/ (Show IPA). French Furniture. 1. a short sofa of the Empire period, having arms of unequal height connected by a back with a sloping top.

  • Meridional

    [muh-rid-ee-uh-nl] /məˈrɪd i ə nl/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or resembling a . 2. characteristic of the south or of people inhabiting the south, especially of France. 3. southern; southerly. noun 4. an inhabitant of the south, especially the south of France. /məˈrɪdɪənəl/ adjective 1. along, relating to, or resembling a meridian 2. characteristic […]

  • Meridional aberration

    meridional aberration n. An optical aberration produced in the plane of a single meridian of a lens.

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