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one of the dried, buttonlike tops of a mescal of the genus Lophophora, used as a hallucinogen, especially by certain Indians of Mexico and the southwestern U.S. during religious ceremonies; peyote.


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    [mes-kuh-lair-oh] /ˌmɛs kəˈlɛər oʊ/ noun, plural Mescaleros (especially collectively) Mescalero. 1. a member of a group of Apache Indians who originally inhabited northern Mexico and the southwestern U.S. east of the Rio Grande, have intermarried with the Chiricahua and Lipan, and are presently situated in New Mexico.

  • Mescaline

    [mes-kuh-leen, -lin] /ˈmɛs kəˌlin, -lɪn/ noun, Pharmacology. 1. a white, water-soluble, crystalline powder, C 1 1 H 1 7 NO 3 , obtained from buttons, that produces hallucinations. /ˈmɛskəˌliːn; -lɪn/ noun 1. a hallucinogenic drug derived from mescal buttons. Formula: C11H17NO3 n. crystalline alkaloid, 1896, from German mezcalin (1896), so called because it originally was […]

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    [mes-kluh n] /ˈmɛs klən/ noun 1. a salad consisting especially of young, tender mixed greens.

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