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[mez-ik, mes-, mee-zik, -sik] /ˈmɛz ɪk, ˈmɛs-, ˈmi zɪk, -sɪk/

of, relating to, or adapted to an environment having a balanced supply of moisture.
[mee-zik, -sik, mez-ik, mes-] /ˈmi zɪk, -sɪk, ˈmɛz ɪk, ˈmɛs-/
adjective, Physics.
of or relating to a ; mesonic.
of, relating to, or growing in conditions of medium water supply: mesic plants
of or relating to a meson

1926, in ecology sense, from Greek mesos “middle” (see meso-) + -ic. From 1939 in physics (from meson).
(měz’ĭk, měs’-, mē’zĭk, -sĭk)
Relating or adapted to a moderately moist habitat. The sugar maple, white ash, and basswood are mesic plants. Compare hydric, xeric.


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    mesio- pref. Mesial: mesiolabial.

  • Mesiobuccal

    mesiobuccal me·si·o·buc·cal (mē’zē-ō-bŭk’əl, -sē-) adj. Of or relating to the mesial and the buccal surfaces of a tooth, especially the angle formed by the junction of these two surfaces.

  • Mesiocervical

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    mesiodens me·si·o·dens (mē’zē-ə-děnz’, -sē-) n. A supernumerary tooth located in the midline of the anterior maxillae between the maxillary central incisor teeth.

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