a strong spirit or policy.
the principle or policy of maintaining a large establishment.
the tendency to regard efficiency as the supreme ideal of the state and to subordinate all other interests to those of the .
Contemporary Examples

Within Israel, militarism trumps peace advocacy because it seems a cost-free option.
Why Academic Boycotts? Jake Lynch December 18, 2012

Universities are part of this equation because they are complicit, at an institutional level, with militarism and illegality.
Why Academic Boycotts? Jake Lynch December 18, 2012

Was the ‘Great War’ a necessary fight against German militarism, or was it completely avoidable?
The Utterly Pointless First World War Michael F. Bishop May 21, 2013

What most liberals are passionate about is one thing: opposition to U.S. militarism.
When Liberals Enable Tyrants Michael Tomasky September 5, 2013

Prussian militarism was unlovely, to be sure, but the Kaiser was no Führer.
The Utterly Pointless First World War Michael F. Bishop May 21, 2013

Historical Examples

The final triumph of militarism would be too appalling to contemplate.
Our National Defense: George Hebard Maxwell

Then we will whip German militarism in industry out of the markets of the world.
The Ghost in the White House Gerald Stanley Lee

To “crush Prussian militarism” does not mean only to crush the German armies.
German Problems and Personalities Charles Sarolea

Collinot—the oracle of militarism—who was playing picquet, rose.
The False Chevalier William Douw Lighthall

I can understand a Pacifist, with his special scruples, disliking the militarism of Belfort.
Eugenics and Other Evils G. K. Chesterton

military spirit; pursuit of military ideals
domination by the military in the formulation of policies, ideals, etc, esp on a political level
a policy of maintaining a strong military organization in aggressive preparedness for war

1864, from French militarisme, from militaire “military” (see military).

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