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a place for collection and storage of human milk for dispensing to those who require it, as for infants who are allergic to cows’ milk and whose mothers’ milk is unavailable.


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  • Milk-bar

    noun 1. a simple restaurant, often with an open front, or a counter or booth where milk drinks, sandwiches, etc., are sold. noun 1. a snack bar at which milk drinks and light refreshments are served 2. (in Australia) a shop selling, in addition to milk, basic provisions and other items

  • Milk-bench

    noun 1. . noun 1. a Pennsylvania Dutch dresser having a lower portion closed with doors for milk pails, an open shelf for water pails, and an upper section with shallow drawers.

  • Milk cans

    Related Terms knock someone for a loop

  • Milk-chocolate

    noun 1. chocolate that has been mixed with milk. 2. a piece or bar of candy made of or coated with such chocolate. noun 1. chocolate that has been made with milk, having a creamy taste Compare plain chocolate

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