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an electric machine for milking cows.
an apparatus for milking cows


Read Also:

  • Milking-parlor

    noun 1. a room in or attached to a barn on a modern dairy farm maintained exclusively for the mechanical milking of cows.

  • Milking shed

    noun 1. a building in which a herd of cows is milked Compare parlour (sense 6)

  • Milking-stool

    noun 1. a low, usually three-legged stool with a flat seat in the shape of a half circle, used by a person when milking a cow. noun 1. a low three-legged stool

  • Milk lameness

    noun 1. (vet science) a disease of cattle that produce a high milk yield, characterized by hip lameness associated with a low concentration of phosphorus in the blood

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