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Milman parry

Milman, 1902–35, U.S. classical scholar and philologist.
William Edward, 1790–1855, English arctic explorer.
verb -ries, -rying, -ried
to ward off (an attack) by blocking or deflecting, as in fencing
(transitive) to evade (questions), esp adroitly
noun (pl) -ries
an act of parrying, esp (in fencing) using a stroke or circular motion of the blade
a skilful evasion, as of a question
Sir (Charles) Hubert (Hastings). 1848–1918, English composer, noted esp for his choral works
Sir William Edward. 1790–1855, English arctic explorer, who searched for the Northwest Passage (1819–25) and attempted to reach the North Pole (1827)


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