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Sir William, 1621–70, English admiral.
his son, William, 1644–1718, English Quaker: founder of Pennsylvania 1682.
Contemporary Examples

Exclusive: New Potential Penn State Victims Emerge Jessica Bennett November 9, 2011
Why Penn State Fans Love Fired Coach Joe Paterno, Despite Child Abuse Scandal Maureen Seaberg November 9, 2011
Raped by a Teacher: One Woman’s Tragic Past at the Horace Mann School Abigail Pesta September 18, 2012
Good Riddance, Joe Paterno Buzz Bissinger November 9, 2011
Penn State Freeh Report Speed Read: Most Damaging Findings The Daily Beast July 11, 2012

Historical Examples

The Child’s Book of American Biography Mary Stoyell Stimpson
A Handful of Stars Frank W. Boreham
Report of the Committee Appointed to Investigate the Railroad Riots in July, 1877 Various
A Handful of Stars Frank W. Boreham
Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker S. Weir Mitchell

Irving. 1917–2009, US photographer, noted for his portraits and his innovations in colour photography
William. 1644–1718, English Quaker and founder of Pennsylvania


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