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Mind out

(intransitive, adverb) (Brit) to be careful or pay attention


Read Also:

  • Mind over matter

    Willpower can overcome physical obstacles, as in Margaret was determined to go to the wedding even on crutches—mind over matter. This idea was already expressed by Virgil in the Aeneid (c. 19 b.c.) as Mens agitat molem, “Mind moves matter,” and it appeared in various forms in English by 1700.

  • Mind-pop

    [mahynd-pop] /ˈmaɪndˌpɒp/ noun, Psychology Informal. 1. a word, phrase, image, or sound that comes into the mind suddenly and involuntarily and is usually related to a recent experience.

  • Mind-reader

    noun 1. a person professing the ability of mind reading, especially as a professional entertainer. noun 1. a person seemingly able to discern the thoughts of another

  • Mind-reading

    noun 1. the ability to discern the thoughts of others without the normal means of communication, especially by means of a preternatural power. 2. an act or the practice of so discerning the thoughts of another.

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