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[moh-hair] /ˈmoʊˌhɛər/

the coat or fleece of an Angora goat.
a fabric made of yarn from this fleece, in a plain weave for draperies and in a pile weave for upholstery.
a garment made of this fabric.
Also called angora. the long soft silky hair that makes up the outer coat of the Angora goat


1610s, earlier mocayre, 1560s, “fine hair of the Angora goat,” also “a fabric made from this,” from Middle French mocayart (16c.), Italian mocaiarro, both from Arabic mukhayyar “cloth of goat hair,” literally “selected, choice,” from khayyara “he chose.” Spelling influenced in English by association with hair. Moire “watered silk” (1650s) probably represents English mohair borrowed into French and back into English.


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