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/ˈməʊkə; ˈmɒk-/
a variant of Mocha


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  • Moki

    [moh-kee] /ˈmoʊ ki/ noun, plural Mokis (especially collectively) Moki. 1. (def 1). /ˈməʊkɪ/ noun (pl) mokis, moki 1. either of two edible sea fish of New Zealand, the blue cod (Percis colias) or the bastard trumpeter (Latridopsis ciliaris)

  • Mokihi

    /ˈmɒkiːhiː/ noun (pl) mokihi 1. (NZ) a type of raft, usually made out of flax stems

  • Mokker

    noun the head of a gang or criminal organization Word Origin Yiddish makher ‘leader, swindler’ Usage Note slang

  • Moko

    /ˈməʊkəʊ/ noun (pl) mokos 1. (NZ) a Māori tattoo or tattoo pattern Also called nanua

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