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[moh-luh] /ˈmoʊ lə/

noun, plural (especially collectively) mola (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) molas.
any of several thin, silvery fishes of the family Molidae, of tropical and temperate seas.
[moh-luh; Spanish maw-lah] /ˈmoʊ lə; Spanish ˈmɔ lɑ/
noun, plural molas
[moh-luh z; Spanish maw-lahs] /ˈmoʊ ləz; Spanish ˈmɔ lɑs/ (Show IPA)
a colorfully appliquéd piece of fabric handcrafted by the Cuna Indian women of the islands in the Gulf of San Blas and used for clothing, decoration, etc.
noun (pl) -la, -las
another name for sunfish (sense 1)

type of fish, 1670s, from Latin mola, literally “millstone” (see molar). So called because of the fish’s shape and rough skin.

“false conception,” c.1600, from Latin mola “false conception,” from earlier sense “salt cake;” literally “millstone” (see molar).


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