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a ball-like knot used as an ornament or as a throwing weight at the end of a line.


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  • Monkey orchid

    noun 1. a European orchid, Orchis simia, rare in Britain, having a short dense flower spike that opens from the top downwards. The flowers are white streaked with pink or violet and have five spurs thought to resemble a monkey’s arms, legs, and tail

  • Monkey-pinscher

    noun 1. . [af-uh n-pin-sher] /ˈæf ənˌpɪn ʃər/ noun 1. one of a breed of toy dogs having a dense, wiry, red or gray coat with tufts of hair around the eyes, nose, and chin, cropped ears, and a docked tail. /ˈæfənˌpɪnʃə/ noun 1. a small wire-haired breed of dog of European origin, having tufts […]

  • Monkeypod

    [mung-kee-pod] /ˈmɜŋ kiˌpɒd/ noun 1. a tropical American tree, Samanea saman, of the legume family, having spreading branches and dense heads of small, pink flowers.

  • Monkeypot

    [muhng-kee-pot] /ˈmʌŋ kiˌpɒt/ noun 1. the woody, operculate seed vessel of any of certain large South American trees of the genus Lecythis. 2. the tree itself. 3. a cylindrical or barrel-shaped vessel used for cooling water. /ˈmʌŋkɪˌpɒt/ noun 1. any of various tropical trees of the genus Lecythis: family Lecythidaceae 2. the large urn-shaped pod […]

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