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/moof/ [MAC users] 1. A semi-legendary creature, also called the “dogcow”, that lurks in the depths of the Macintosh Technical Notes Hypercard stack V3.1; specifically, the full story of the dogcow is told in technical note #31 (the particular Moof illustrated is properly named “Clarus”). Option-shift-click will cause it to emit a characteristic “Moof!” or “!fooM” sound. *Getting* to tech note 31 is the hard part; to discover how to do that, one must needs examine the stack script with a hackerly eye. Clue: rot13 is involved. A dogcow also appears if you choose “Page Setup…” with a LaserWriter selected and click on the “Options” button.
2. Used to flag software that’s a hack, something untested and on the edge. On one Apple Computer CD-ROM, certain folders such as “Tools & Apps (Moof!)” and “Development Platforms (Moof!)”, are so marked to indicate that they contain software not fully tested or sanctioned by the powers that be. When you open these folders you cross the boundary into hackerland.
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