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[muhth -er-uh v-thou-zuh ndz] /ˈmʌð ər əvˈθaʊ zəndz/

noun, plural mother-of-thousands. (used with a singular or plural verb)
a S European perennial creeping plant, Linaria cymbalaria, having small pale blue or lilac flowers
a saxifragaceous plant, Saxifraga sarmentosa or S. stolonifera, having white flowers and creeping red runners


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    [muhth -er-uh v-tahym] /ˈmʌð ər əvˈtaɪm/ noun, plural mother-of-thymes. 1. a branched, woody, prostrate plant, Thymus serpyllum, of the mint family, native to Eurasia and northern Africa, having wiry stems that root at the joints and small, purplish flowers.

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