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Mouse belt

rat belt


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  • Mousebird

    [mous-burd] /ˈmaʊsˌbɜrd/ noun 1. . /ˈmaʊsˌbɜːd/ noun 1. another name for coly

  • Mouseburger

    noun a humorous term for a drab, timid, or unexceptional woman Examples The cleaning woman is quite the mouseburger. Word Origin based on mousy Usage Note US

  • Mouse-deer

    noun 1. . noun 1. another name for chevrotain

  • Mouse droppings

    1. Pixels (usually single) that are not properly restored when the mouse pointer moves away from a particular location on the screen, producing the appearance that the mouse pointer has left droppings behind. The major causes for this problem are MS-DOS programs that write to the screen memory corresponding to the mouse pointer’s current location […]

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