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[moos] /mus/


a foamy preparation used on the hair to help hold it in place, applied usually to damp hair before grooming or styling and worked in until absorbed.
a light creamy dessert made with eggs, cream, fruit, etc, set with gelatine
a similar dish made from fish or meat
the layer of small bubbles on the top of a glass of champagne or other sparkling wine
short for styling mousse

1892, in cookery sense, from French mousse, from Old French mousse “froth, scum,” from Late Latin mulsa “mead,” from Latin mulsum “honey wine, mead,” from neuter of mulsus “mixed with honey,” related to mel “honey” (see Melissa). Meaning “preparation for hair” is from 1977. As a verb in this sense from 1984.


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    [moos-leen] /musˈlin/ noun, French. 1. . [moos-leen] /musˈlin/ noun 1. Also called Chantilly, Chantilly sauce. hollandaise sauce mixed with whipped cream. 2. any prepared dish made light and fluffy or airy, as by the mixing in of whipped cream or beaten egg whites. adjective 3. prepared or served with whipped cream. /French muslin/ noun 1. […]

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    noun 1. a light sauce, made by adding whipped cream or egg whites to hollandaise sauce

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