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Mucous connective tissue

mucous connective tissue n.
A gelatinous type of connective tissue characteristically supporting the blood vessels of the umbilical cord.


Read Also:

  • Mucous gland

    mucous gland n. A gland that secretes mucus. Also called muciparous gland.

  • Mucous-membrane

    noun 1. a lubricating membrane lining an internal surface or an organ, as the alimentary, respiratory, and genitourinary canals. noun 1. a mucus-secreting membrane that lines body cavities or passages that are open to the external environment Also called mucosa mucous membrane n. A membrane lining all body passages that communicate with the exterior, such […]

  • Mucous plug

    mucous plug n. A mass of mucus and cells filling the cervical canal between menstrual periods or during pregnancy.

  • Mucoviscidosis

    [myoo-koh-vis-i-doh-sis] /ˌmyu koʊˌvɪs ɪˈdoʊ sɪs/ noun, Pathology. 1. . mucoviscidosis mu·co·vis·ci·do·sis (myōō’kō-vĭs’ĭ-dō’sĭs) n. See cystic fibrosis.

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