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[muhf-in] /ˈmʌf ɪn/

an individual cup-shaped quick bread made with wheat flour, cornmeal, or the like, and baked in a pan (muffin pan) containing a series of cuplike forms.
(Brit) a thick round baked yeast roll, usually toasted and served with butter
(US & Canadian) a small cup-shaped sweet bread roll, usually eaten hot with butter

“light, small cake made with eggs,” 1703, moofin, possibly from Low German muffen, plural of muffe “small cake;” or somehow connected with Old French moflet “soft, tender” (said of bread). Muffin top in reference to waistline bulge over tight, low jeans is attested by 2005, from resemblance to baked muffins from a tin.


A young girl, esp one’s girlfriend (1856+ Canadian)

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stud muffin


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