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[muhl-yuh n] /ˈmʌl yən/ Architecture

a vertical member, as of stone or wood, between the lights of a window, the panels in wainscoting, or the like.
one of the radiating bars of a rose window or the like.
verb (used with object)
to furnish with, or to form into divisions by the use of, mullions.
a vertical member between the casements or panes of a window or the panels of a screen
one of the ribs on a rock face
(transitive) to furnish (a window, screen, etc) with mullions

“vertical column between the lights of a window,” 1560s, metathesis of Middle English moyniel (early 14c.), from Anglo-French moinel, noun use of moienel (adj.) “middle,” from Old French meien “intermediate, mean” (see mean (adj.)). Related: Mullioned.


An unattractive person: Either you’re a mullion, a dog

[1970s+ Baseball; origin unknown]


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