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Muscle fibre

any of the numerous elongated contractile cells that make up striated muscle


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  • Musclehead

    noun a person who is muscular and athletic, esp. one with a great interest in bodybuilding; cf. meathead Examples Muscleheads populate Gold’s Gym and World Gym franchises. noun

  • Muscle hemoglobin

    muscle hemoglobin n. See myoglobin.

  • Muscle magazine

    noun a periodical focused on weightlifting and bodybuilding Examples Ironman magazine offers articles on nutrition, also.

  • Muscleman

    [muhs-uh l-man] /ˈmʌs əlˌmæn/ noun, plural musclemen. 1. Informal. a with a muscular or brawny physique, especially a bodybuilder. 2. Slang. a bodyguard, especially one hired to intimidate others, often by strong-arm methods. /ˈmʌsəlˌmæn/ noun (pl) -men 1. a man with highly developed muscles 2. a henchman employed by a gangster to intimidate or use […]

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