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[muhs-uh l-man] /ˈmʌs əlˌmæn/

noun, plural musclemen.
Informal. a with a muscular or brawny physique, especially a bodybuilder.
Slang. a bodyguard, especially one hired to intimidate others, often by strong-arm methods.
noun (pl) -men
a man with highly developed muscles
a henchman employed by a gangster to intimidate or use violence upon victims

1929, originally “an underworld enforcer;” sense of “strong man” first attested 1952; from muscle (n.) + man (n.).


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  • Muscle mary

    noun (pl) maries 1. (informal) a homosexual man who practises bodybuilding

  • Muscle of facial expression

    muscle of facial expression n. See facial muscle.

  • Muscle of antitragus

    muscle of antitragus n. A band of transverse muscular fibers located on the outer surface of the antitragus, that arise from the border of the notch between the tragus and antitragus, and that insert into the anthelix and the helix.

  • Muscle of larynx

    muscle of larynx n. Any of the intrinsic muscles that regulate the length, position, and tension of the vocal cords and adjust the size of the openings between the aryepiglottic folds, the ventricular folds, and the vocal folds.

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