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[myoo-zet] /myuˈzɛt/

Also called musette bag. a small leather or canvas bag with a shoulder strap, used for carrying personal belongings, food, etc., while hiking, marching, or the like.
a French bagpipe of the 17th and early 18th centuries, with several chambers and drones, and with the wind supplied by a bellows rather than a blowpipe.
a woodwind instrument similar to but smaller than a shawm.
a short musical piece with a drone bass, often forming the middle section of a gavotte.
/mjuːˈzɛt; French myzɛt/
a type of bagpipe with a bellows popular in France during the 17th and 18th centuries
a dance, with a drone bass originally played by a musette

“small bagpipe,” late 14c., from Old French musette “bagpipe” (13c.), from muser “to play the bagpipe, make music,” from mus “mouth, muzzle,” from Medieval Latin musum (see muzzle (n.)). As “a composition for a musette” from 1811, from French.


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