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[mur-mi-don, -dn] /ˈmɜr mɪˌdɒn, -dn/

noun, plural Myrmidons, Myrmidones
[mur-mid-n-eez] /mɜrˈmɪd nˌiz/ (Show IPA)
Classical Mythology. one of the warlike people of ancient Thessaly who accompanied Achilles to the Trojan War.
(lowercase) a person who executes without question or scruple a master’s commands.
/ˈmɜːmɪˌdɒn; -dən/
noun (pl) Myrmidons, Myrmidones (mɜːˈmɪdəˌniːz)
(Greek myth) one of a race of people whom Zeus made from a nest of ants. They settled in Thessaly and were led against Troy by Achilles
(often not capital) a follower or henchman

c.1400, from Latin Myrmidones (plural), from Greek Myrmidones, Thessalian tribe led by Achilles to the Trojan War, fabled to have been ants changed into men, and often derived from Greek myrmex “ant” (from PIE *morwi- (see Formica (2)), but Watkins does not connect them and Klein’s sources suggest a connection to Greek mormos “dread, terror.” Transferred sense of “faithful follower” is from c.1600.


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