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[neym-drop-er] /ˈneɪmˌdrɒp ər/

a person who indulges in name-dropping.


A person who ostentatiously mentions the names of important people as if they were friends and associates: Well, she may know Barbra Streisand, or she may just be a name-dropper (1947+)


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  • Name-dropping

    [neym-drop-ing] /ˈneɪmˌdrɒp ɪŋ/ noun 1. the introduction into one’s conversation, letters, etc., of the names of famous or important people as alleged friends or associates in order to impress others. [neym-drop] /ˈneɪmˌdrɒp/ verb (used without object), name-dropped, name-dropping. 1. to indulge in name-dropping. noun 1. (informal) the practice of referring frequently to famous or fashionable […]

  • Name is on something

    interjection One has been singled out as being responsible or to blame for something [1925+; used with reference to a bullet, shell, etc, with the implication that one is doomed to be killed by it]

  • Nameless

    [neym-lis] /ˈneɪm lɪs/ adjective 1. having no . 2. left unnamed: a certain person who shall be nameless. 3. anonymous: a nameless source of information. 4. incapable of being specified or described: a nameless charm. 5. too shocking or vile to be specified: a nameless crime. 6. having no legitimate paternal , as a child […]

  • Namely

    [neym-lee] /ˈneɪm li/ adverb 1. that is to say; explicitly; specifically; to wit: an item of legislation, namely, the housing bill. /ˈneɪmlɪ/ adverb 1. that is to say: it was another colour, namely green adv. “particularly, especially” (i.e. “by name”), late 12c., from name (n.) + -ly (2).

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