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a combining form with the meaning “very small, minute,” used in the formation of compound words (nanoplankton); in the names of units of measure it has the specific sense “one billionth” (10 -9):
nanomole; nanosecond.
combining form
denoting 10–9: nanosecond, n
indicating extreme smallness: nanoplankton

introduced 1947 (at 14th conference of the Union Internationale de Chimie) as a prefix for units of one thousand-millionth part, from Greek nanos “a dwarf.” According to Watkins, this is originally “little old man,” from nannos “uncle,” masc. of nanna “aunt” (see nana). Earlier it was used as a prefix to mean “dwarf, dwarfish,” and still in a non-scientific sense of “very small.”

nano- pref.



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