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National Association of Specialist Obstetricians and Gynaecologists


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  • Nasogastric

    [ney-zoh-gas-trik] /ˌneɪ zoʊˈgæs trɪk/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or involving the nose and stomach. /ˌneɪzəʊˈɡæstrɪk/ adjective 1. (anatomy) of or relating to the nose and stomach: a nasogastric tube nasogastric na·so·gas·tric (nā’zō-gās’trĭk) adj. Relating to or involving the nasal passages and the stomach.

  • Nasogastric tube

    nasogastric tube n. A tube that is passed through the nasal passages and into the stomach.

  • Nasolabial

    nasolabial na·so·la·bi·al (nā’zō-lā’bē-əl) adj. Relating to the nose and the upper lip.

  • Nasolabial node

    nasolabial node n. Any of the lymph nodes near the junction of the superior labial and facial arteries.

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