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a member of an extinct subspecies of powerful, physically robust humans, Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, that inhabited Europe and western and central Asia c100,000–40,000 b.c.
a type of primitive man, Homo neanderthalensis, or H. sapiens neanderthalensis, occurring throughout much of Europe in late Palaeolithic times: it is thought that they did not interbreed with other early humans and are not the ancestors of modern humans


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  • Neanderthaloid

    [nee-an-der-thaw-loid, -taw-, -tah-; ney-ahn-der-tah-loid] /niˈæn dərˌθɔ lɔɪd, -ˌtɔ-, -ˌtɑ-; neɪˈɑn dərˌtɑ lɔɪd/ Anthropology adjective 1. resembling or characteristic of the physical type of . noun 2. a fossil human having characteristics like those of .

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    /nɪˈænɪk/ adjective 1. (zoology) of or relating to the early stages in the life cycle of an organism, esp the pupal stage of an insect

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    adjective looking younger than one’s years

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    [nee-an-throp-ik] /ˌni ænˈθrɒp ɪk/ adjective, Anthropology. 1. of or relating to modern forms of humans as compared with extinct species of the genus Homo. neanthropic (nē’ən-thrŏp’ĭk) Relating to members of the extant species Homo sapiens as compared with other, now extinct species of Homo.

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