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(transformational grammar) a rule that moves a negative element out of the complement clause of certain verbs, such as think, into the main clause, as in the derivation of He doesn’t think that he’ll finish


Read Also:

  • Negative reinforcement

    noun 1. (psychol) the reinforcing of a response by giving an aversive stimulus when the response is not made and omitting the aversive stimulus when the response is made

  • Negative resistance

    noun 1. a characteristic of certain electronic components in which an increase in the applied voltage increases the resistance, producing a proportional decrease in current

  • Negative scotoma

    negative scotoma n. A scotoma that is not ordinarily perceived and is detected only on examination of the visual field.

  • Negative sign

    noun 1. the symbol (–) used to indicate a negative quantity or a subtraction; minus sign

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