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[neer-al] /ˈnɪər æl/

citral b.
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[si-truh l] /ˈsɪ trəl/
noun, Chemistry.
a pale yellow, water-insoluble, liquid aldehyde, C 10 H 16 O, having a strong lemonlike odor, consisting in natural form of two isomers (citral a or geranial and citral b or neral) usually obtained from the oils of lemon and orange or synthetically: used chiefly in perfumery, flavoring, and the synthesis of vitamin A.
(chem) the trans- isomer of citral
a yellow volatile liquid with a lemon-like odour, found in oils of lemon grass, orange, and lemon and used in perfumery: a terpene aldehyde consisting of the cis- isomer (citral-a or geranial) and the trans- isomer (citral-b or neral). Formula: (CH3)2C:CH(CH2)2C(CH3):CHCHO


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