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a single hollow tract of nervous tissue that constitutes the central nervous system of chordates and develops into the spinal cord and brain in vertebrates.
a solid double strand of nerve fibers along the length of the body in elongate invertebrates, as earthworms and insects, connecting with a pair of nerve ganglia at each body segment.


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  • Nerve decompression

    nerve decompression n. The relief of pressure on a nerve trunk by the excision of constricting bands or the widening of the bony canal.

  • Nerve-fiber

    noun, Anatomy, Physiology. 1. a process, axon, or dendrite of a nerve cell. nerve fiber n. A threadlike process of a neuron, especially the axon that conducts nerve impulses. nerve fiber See axon.

  • Nerve fibre

    noun 1. a threadlike extension of a nerve cell; axon

  • Nerve food

    noun a type of food thought to nourish the nerve and brain cells and possibly relieve stress and exhaustion

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