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Network closet

The place where network hardware (other than cabling) is installed. The space should be used primarily for storage, be dry, and have electricity available. Since network equipment rarely needs attention once installed and tested, the network closet can have limited accessibility.


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  • Network-computer

    noun 1. a relatively inexpensive computer with minimal processing power, designed primarily to provide access to computer networks, as corporate intranets or the Internet. Abbreviation: NC. noun a personal computer designed to be connected to a local area network or to the Internet and which has no disk drives of its own Usage Note computing

  • Network computing devices

    company (NCD) Producer of X terminals, PC-Xware and Z-Mail. (http://ncd.com/). (1998-10-07)

  • Network database

    database A kind of database management system in which each record type can have multiple owners, e.g. orders are owned by both customers and products. This contrasts with a hierarchical database (one owner) or relational database (no explicit owner). (1998-10-07)

  • Network definition language

    (NDL) The language used to program the DCP (Data Communications Processor) on Burroughs Large System. Version: NDL II. (1994-12-12)

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