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neurocyte neu·ro·cyte (nur’ə-sīt’, nyur’-)
See neuron.


Read Also:

  • Neurocytoma

    neurocytoma neu·ro·cy·to·ma (nur’ō-sī-tō’mə, nyur’-) n. See ganglioneuroma.

  • Neurodendron

    neurodendron neu·ro·den·dron (nur’ō-děn’drŏn’, nyur’-) n. See dendrite.

  • Neurodepressive

    [noo r-oh-di-pres-iv, nyoo r-] /ˌnʊər oʊ dɪˈprɛs ɪv, ˌnyʊər-/ adjective 1. (of a drug) depressing nerve-cell function. noun 2. any such substance.

  • Neurodermatitis

    neurodermatitis neu·ro·der·ma·ti·tis (nur’ō-dûr’mə-tī’tĭs, nyur’-) n. A chronic skin disorder characterized by localized or disseminated lichenified skin lesions that itch severely. It is possibly a psychogenic disorder. Also called neurodermatosis.

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