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neurodynamic neu·ro·dy·nam·ic (nur’ō-dī-nām’ĭk, nyur’-)
Of, relating to, or characterized by nervous energy.


Read Also:

  • Neurodynia

    neurodynia neu·ro·dyn·i·a (nur’ō-dĭn’ē-ə, nyur’-) n. See neuralgia.

  • Neuroeconomics

    noun the study of the brain in making economic decisions, esp. to build a biological model of decision-making in economic environments Examples Neuroeconomics looks at how we use neurons and biochemistry. Word Origin 2002

  • Neuroectoderm

    neuroectoderm neu·ro·ec·to·derm (nur’ō-ěk’tə-dûrm’, nyur’-) n. The region of embryonic ectoderm that develops into the brain and spinal cord as well as into the nervous tissue of the peripheral nervous system. neu’ro·ec’to·der’mal adj.

  • Neuroembryology

    [noo r-oh-em-bree-ol-uh-jee, nyoo r-] /ˌnʊər oʊˌɛm briˈɒl ə dʒi, ˌnyʊər-/ noun 1. the branch of dealing with the origin and development of the nervous system.

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