Alexander, .
Historical Examples

“Yes, from Lobenski’s, the jeweller’s in the Nevski,” she replied.
The Place of Dragons William Le Queux

He had often seen her at the Opera and driving in the Nevski Prospekt.
The Intriguers William Le Queux

In the morning I would walk the Nevski Prospect, and meet nice-looking people, and be happy all day.
Poor Folk Fyodor Dostoyevsky

“If only we could get to Nevski Prospect,” gasped the Duchess.
The Green Book Mr Jkai

The Nevski was swinging softly at her anchor, her nose pointing to the land.
Golden Stories Various

We left the house together, and because it was a fine night, walked down the Nevski.
The Dark Forest Hugh Walpole

In honour of which battle he ever after bore the added name of Nevski (of the Neva).
The Rise of the Russian Empire Hector H. Munro

As if in answer, another flag fluttered up the Nevski’s halliards.
Golden Stories Various

The Nevski now presented her broadside to the Saigon, and all of her six guns were trained upon the English steamer’s decks.
Golden Stories Various

Yet apparently everything went on as usual: the theatres were as well filled; the Nevski as crowded and gay.
Condemned as a Nihilist George Alfred Henty

See Alexander Nevski

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