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[noo-bee, nyoo‐] /ˈnu bi, ˈnyu‐/

a newcomer or novice, especially an inexperienced user of the Internet or of computers in general.
(slang) a newcomer, esp in computing or on the internet

“newcomer, new person to an existing situation,” by 1969, from new with diminutive or derogatory suffix. Perhaps originally U.S. military slang. Cf. noob. Middle English had newing “a new thing” (early 15c.); new was used as a noun meaning “naval cadet during first training on a ship” (1909); and newie “new thing” is recorded from 1947.


A person new to computers and computer networks; computer neophyte: You’d copy it because you didn’t want to seem like a newbie (read: clueless computer rookie)/ Newbies sometimes get flamed just because they are new (1990s+ Computer)
/n[y]oo’bee/ (Sometimes shorted to “noob”) Originally from British public-school and military slang variant of “new boy”, an inexperienced user.
This term surfaced in the newsgroup news:talk.bizarre but is now in wide use. Criteria for being considered a newbie vary wildly; a person can be called a newbie in one group while remaining a respected regular in another. The label “newbie” is sometimes applied as a serious insult to a person who has been around for a long time but who carefully hides all evidence of having a clue.
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