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Barthold Georg
[bahr-tawlt gey-awrk] /ˈbɑr tɔlt geɪˈɔrk/ (Show IPA), 1776–1831, German historian.
[rahyn-hohld] /ˈraɪn hoʊld/ (Show IPA), 1892–1971, U.S. theologian and philosopher.
Contemporary Examples

In a cage-match between nihilism and Niebuhr, who would you bet on?
Is Obama Too Thoughtful? Michael Signer February 12, 2010

Niebuhr “played by the rules” by affirming American exceptionalism, and writing about American innocence.
Noam Chomsky—Infuriating and Necessary David Masciotra September 27, 2014

Reader of Thomas Merton and that bunch (and indeed Niebuhr–look at how Obama apparently immersed himself in Niebuhr).
What Kind of Christian Is Barack Obama? Michael Tomasky May 7, 2012

Historical Examples

After reaching Udden, which Niebuhr found to be a town of only three hundred houses, the hill-country became more thickly settled.
Travels in Arabia Bayard Taylor

The diligence of Niebuhr, though often impeded by illness, was immense.
Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal, No. 453 Various

Niebuhr was foolish enough to die of the Three Days of July, 1830, being a staunch conservative.
Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, Vol IV. No. XX. January, 1852. Various

Niebuhr, the historian, was distinguished for his energy and success as a man of business.
Character Samuel Smiles

The several statements of Pollux, Niebuhr and Grote are true in a certain sense, but not absolutely so.
Ancient Society Lewis Henry Morgan

Niebuhr always spoke of his wife as a fellow-worker with him in this sense.
Character Samuel Smiles

The historian Niebuhr, when he was the Russian ambassador, occupied it as his home.
Under Csars’ Shadow Henry Francis Colby

Barthold Georg (ˈbartɔlt ˈɡeːɔrk). 1776–1831, German historian, noted for his critical approach to sources, esp in History of Rome (1811–32)
Reinhold (ˈraɪnˌhəʊld). 1892–1971, US Protestant theologian. His works include Moral Man and Immoral Society (1932) and The Nature and Destiny of Man (1941–43)


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