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[nim-rod] /ˈnɪm rɒd/

the great-grandson of Noah: noted as a great hunter. Gen. 10:8–10.
(sometimes lowercase) a person expert in or devoted to hunting.
(Old Testament) a hunter, who was famous for his prowess (Genesis 10:8–9) Douay spelling Nemrod
a person who is dedicated to or skilled in hunting

“great hunter,” 1712, a reference to the biblical son of Cush, referred to (Gen. x:8-9) as “a mighty hunter before the Lord.” It came to mean “geek, klutz” by 1983 in teenager slang, for unknown reasons. (Amateur theories include its occasional use in “Bugs Bunny” cartoon episodes featuring rabbit-hunting Elmer Fudd as a foil; its possible ironic use, among hunters, for a clumsy member of their fraternity; or a stereotype of deer hunters by the non-hunting population in the U.S.)


: Of course, there’s always the middle ground, reserved for friends who commit a blunder. For these, we have ”nimrod,” ”klutz,” and ”geek”

[1980s+ Teenagers; fr the name of Nimrod, the ”mighty hunter before the Lord” in Genesis]

firm, a descendant of Cush, the son of Ham. He was the first who claimed to be a “mighty one in the earth.” Babel was the beginning of his kingdom, which he gradually enlarged (Gen. 10:8-10). The “land of Nimrod” (Micah 5:6) is a designation of Assyria or of Shinar, which is a part of it.


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