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[nahy-truh-glis-er-in] /ˌnaɪ trəˈglɪs ər ɪn/

noun, Chemistry, Pharmacology.
a colorless, thick, oily, flammable, highly explosive, slightly water-soluble liquid, C 3 H 5 N 3 O 9 , prepared from glycerol with nitric and sulfuric acids: used chiefly as a constituent of dynamite and other explosives, in rocket propellants, and in medicine as a vasodilator in the treatment of angina pectoris.
a pale yellow viscous explosive liquid substance made from glycerol and nitric and sulphuric acids and used in explosives, and in medicine as a vasodilator. Formula: CH2NO3CHNO3CH2NO3 Also called trinitroglycerine

also nitroglycerin, “explosive oily liquid,” 1857, from nitro- + glycerin. So called either because it was obtained by treating glycerine with nitric and sulfuric acids or because it is essentially a nitrate (glyceryl trinitrate).

nitroglycerin ni·tro·glyc·er·in or ni·tro·glyc·er·ine (nī’trō-glĭs’ər-ĭn, -trə-)
A thick, pale yellow liquid that is explosive on concussion or exposure to sudden heat, used as a vasodilator in medicine.
A thick, pale-yellow, explosive liquid formed by treating glycerin with nitric and sulfuric acids. It is used to make dynamite and in medicine to dilate blood vessels. Chemical formula: C3H5N3O9.


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