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[adjective noh-goo d; noun noh-goo d] /adjective ˈnoʊˈgʊd; noun ˈnoʊˌgʊd/ Informal.

lacking worth or merit; useless; bad:
This no-good faucet never did work properly. Her no-good brother sold me the car.
a person or thing that is worthless or undependable.

1908, from phrase no good “good for nothing.” As a noun, first recorded 1924; variant no-goodnik (see -nik) first attested 1960.


: His father was a no-good drunk


An unreliable or deplorable person; bum, no-account, no-goodnik: A high-living no-good in a derby hat (first form 1924+, second 1950s+)

[nogood-boy is found by 1908]


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