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[noh-stringz] /ˈnoʊˈstrɪŋz/

done without conditions or limitations:
a no-strings proposal.


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  • No strings attached

    adjective phrase Free of conditions, limitations, etc: He’s giving us the house with no strings attached [1940s+; fr string, ”a restriction,” found by 1888; the similar form ”no strings to something” is found by 1909] Without conditions or restrictions, as in They give each of the children $10,000 a year with no strings attached. This […]

  • Nostro account

    /ˈnɒstrəʊ/ noun 1. a bank account conducted by a British bank with a foreign bank, usually in the foreign currency Compare vostro account

  • Nostromo

    [no-stroh-moh] /nɒˈstroʊ moʊ/ noun 1. a novel (1904) by Joseph Conrad.

  • Nostrum

    [nos-truh m] /ˈnɒs trəm/ noun 1. a medicine sold with false or exaggerated claims and with no demonstrable value; quack medicine. 2. a scheme, theory, device, etc., especially one to remedy social or political ills; panacea. 3. a medicine made by the person who recommends it. 4. a patent medicine. [mah-re nohs-troo m; English mair-ee […]

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