Nodding donkey

(informal) (in the oil industry) a type of reciprocating pump used to extract oil from an inland well

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  • Nodding-lilac

    noun 1. a showy Chinese lilac, Syringa reflexa, of the olive family, having nodding clusters of pinkish flowers.

  • Nodding-pogonia

    noun 1. a rare orchid, Triphora trianthophora, of the eastern U.S., bearing three pink flowers.

  • Nodding spasm

    nodding spasm nod·ding spasm (nŏd’ĭng) n.

  • Nodding-trillium

    noun 1. a hardy plant, Trillium cernuum, of the lily family, of the eastern coast of North America, having wavy-petalled, white or pinkish flowers on short, recurved stalks hanging beneath the three whorled leaves.

  • Noddle

    [nod-l] /ˈnɒd l/ noun, Older Slang. 1. the head or brain. /ˈnɒdəl/ noun 1. (informal, mainly Brit) the head or brains: use your noddle! /ˈnɒdəl/ verb 1. (informal, mainly Brit) to nod (the head), as through drowsiness Related Terms noodle

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