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[noj-uh-ler] /ˈnɒdʒ ə lər/

of, relating to, or characterized by .
shaped like or occurring in :
a nodular concretion.

1794, from nodule + -ar. Related: Nodularity.


Read Also:

  • Nodular amyloidosis

    nodular amyloidosis n. Amyloidosis in which amyloid occurs as small masses or nodules beneath the skin or mucous membranes. Also called amyloid tumor, focal amyloidosis.

  • Nodular-cast-iron

    noun 1. any of various cast irons strengthened by having the graphite content in the form of nodules rather than flakes, and containing cerium or magnesium as well as other additives.

  • Nodular fasciitis

    nodular fasciitis n. A tumorlike proliferation of fibroblasts with mild inflammatory exudation occurring in a fascia. Also called proliferative fasciitis.

  • Nodular leprosy

    nodular leprosy n. See tuberculoid leprosy.

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