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[dih-sep-shuh n] /dɪˈsɛp ʃən/

the act of ; the state of being .
something that or is intended to ; fraud; artifice.
the act of deceiving or the state of being deceived
something that deceives; trick

early 15c., from Middle French déception (13c., decepcion) or directly from Late Latin deceptionem (nominative deceptio) “a deceiving,” from Latin decept-, past participle stem of decipere (see deceive).


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    [dih-sep-tiv] /dɪˈsɛp tɪv/ adjective 1. apt or tending to : The enemy’s peaceful overtures may be deceptive. 2. perceptually misleading: It looks like a curved line, but it’s deceptive. /dɪˈsɛptɪv/ adjective 1. likely or designed to deceive; misleading: appearances can be deceptive 2. (music) (of a cadence) another word for interrupted (sense 3) adj. 1610s, […]

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    [dih-klar-uh-tiv] /dɪˈklær ə tɪv/ adjective 1. serving to , make known, or explain: a declarative statement. /dɪˈklærətɪv/ adjective 1. making or having the nature of a declaration adj. mid-15c., from French déclaratif and directly from Late Latin declarativus, from past participle stem of Latin declarare (see declare).

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