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[non-ri-tur-nuh-buh l] /ˌnɒn rɪˈtɜr nə bəl/

not .
(of an empty bottle or container) not to a vendor for refund of a deposit.
something that is not eligible or acceptable for return.
denoting a container, esp a bottle, on which no returnable deposit is paid on purchase of the contents

1903, from non- + returnable.


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    storage (NRZI) A recording method used for 9-track magnetic tapes (200 and 800 BPI) where a zero is represented by a change in the signal and a one by no change. NRZI is also used extensively in SDLC communications. VTAM has a parameter NRZI=YES|NO. Compare Phase Encoded, GCR. (1999-01-11)

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    [rev-uh-kuh-buh l or, often, ri-voh-] /ˈrɛv ə kə bəl or, often, rɪˈvoʊ-/ adjective 1. that may be . /ˈrɛvəkəbəl/ adjective 1. capable of being revoked; able to be cancelled adj. late 15c., from Old French revocable or directly from Latin revocabilis “that may be revoked,” from revocare (see revoke). Alternative revokable attested from 1580s.

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