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[yoo-sij, -zij] /ˈyu sɪdʒ, -zɪdʒ/

a customary way of doing something; a custom or practice:
the usages of the last 50 years.
the customary manner in which a language or a form of a language is spoken or written:
English usage; a grammar based on usage rather than on arbitrary notions of correctness.
a particular instance of this:
a usage borrowed from French.
any manner of doing or handling something; treatment:
rough usage.
habitual or customary ; long-continued practice:
immemorial usage.
an act of or employing; .
/ˈjuːsɪdʒ; -zɪdʒ/
the act or a manner of using; use; employment
constant use, custom, or habit
something permitted or established by custom or practice
what is actually said in a language, esp as contrasted with what is prescribed

c.1300, “established practice, custom,” from Anglo-French and Old French usage “custom, habit, experience,” from us, from Latin usus “use, custom” (see use (v.)).


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