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[yoo-til-i-tee] /yuˈtɪl ɪ ti/

noun, plural utilities.
the state or quality of being useful; usefulness:
This chemical has no utility as an agricultural fertilizer.
something useful; a useful thing.
a public service, as a telephone or electric-light system, a streetcar or railroad line, or the like.
Compare (def 1).
Often, utilities. a useful or advantageous factor or feature:
the relative utilities of a religious or a secular education.
Economics. the capacity of a commodity or a service to satisfy some human want.
the principle and end of ethics; well-being or happiness; that which is conducive to the happiness and well-being of the greatest number.
Computers. .
utilities, stocks or bonds of public utilities.
a grade of beef immediately below commercial.
(of domestic animals) raised or kept as a potentially profitable product rather than for show or as pets:
utility breeds; utility livestock.
having or made for a number of useful or practical purposes rather than a single, specialized one:
a utility knife.
designed chiefly for use or service rather than beauty, high quality, or the like:
a utility vehicle; utility furniture.
noun (pl) -ties

something useful



(Austral & NZ) Also called utility truck, (informal) ute. a small truck with an open body and low sides, often with a removable tarpaulin cover; pick-up
a piece of computer software designed for a routine task, such as examining or copying files

late 14c., “fact of being useful,” from Old French utilite “usefulness” (late 13c.), earlier utilitet (12c.), from Latin utilitatem (nominative utilitas) “usefulness, serviceableness, profit,” from utilis “usable,” from uti (see use (v.)). As a shortened form of public utility it is recorded from 1930.


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