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Nothing to do with

see: have nothing to do with


Read Also:

  • Nothing to it

    adjective Very; a lot of: mucho dinero/wanting mucho nachos

  • Nothing to sneeze at

    noun high muckety-muck: Always used with big, high, etc: the way some of these big mucks do see: not to be sneezed at

  • Nothing to speak of

    Not much, nothing worth mentioning, as in What’s been happening in the stock market?—Nothing to speak of, or They’ve done nothing to speak of about publicity. This expression was first recorded in 1582.

  • Nothing to write home about

    noun phrase A very ordinary or mediocre person or thing; nothing special; no great shakes: His pitch was nothing to write home about (1914+) Ordinary or unremarkable, as in The restaurant was all right but nothing to write home about. This idiom originated in the late 1800s, possibly among troops stationed far from home, and […]

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