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nucleoliform nu·cle·o·li·form (nōō-klē’ə-lə-fôrm’, nyōō-, nōō’klē-ō’lə-, nyōō’-)
Resembling a nucleolus.


Read Also:

  • Nucleoloid

    nucleoloid nu·cle·o·loid (nōō-klē’ə-loid’, nyōō-) adj. Resembling a nucleolus.

  • Nucleolonema

    nucleolonema nu·cle·o·lo·ne·ma (nōō-klē’ə-lō-nē’mə) n. The irregular network of fine ribonucleoprotein granules or microfilaments forming most of the nucleolus.

  • Nucleolus

    [noo-klee-uh-luh s, nyoo-] /nuˈkli ə ləs, nyu-/ noun, plural nucleoli [noo-klee-uh-lahy, nyoo-] /nuˈkli əˌlaɪ, nyu-/ (Show IPA). Cell Biology. 1. a conspicuous, rounded body within the nucleus of a cell. /ˌnjuːklɪˈəʊləs/ noun (pl) -li (-laɪ) 1. a small rounded body within a resting nucleus that contains RNA and proteins and is involved in the production […]

  • Nucleon

    [noo-klee-on, nyoo-] /ˈnu kliˌɒn, ˈnyu-/ noun, Physics. 1. a proton or neutron, especially when considered as a component of a . /ˈnjuːklɪˌɒn/ noun 1. a proton or neutron, esp one present in an atomic nucleus nucleon nu·cle·on (nōō’klē-ŏn’, nyōō’-) n. A proton or a neutron, especially as part of an atomic nucleus. nu’cle·on’ic adj. nucleon […]

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